Proactive Prevention; How South Ferry’s Adoption of Vessel Vanguard Averted Major Incidents

South Ferry has been operating since the 1700s, and have come across many limitations using old-school methods. Adopting Vessel Vanguard will allow them to not only expand their operations, but the company as a whole. Top 3 Benefits Streamlined Maintenance Tracking and Operational Efficiency: Vessel Vanguard’s integration into South Ferry’s operations has improved efficiency by […]

Vessel Vanguard Skyrockets Safety and Value for Formula Yachts

Civil commercial trial lawyer, Robert Zarco, understands how important safety is in the boating industry. His 14th Formula boat came equipped with a tool that would provide him peace of mind. Top 3 Benefits Streamlined Maintenance: Vessel Vanguard simplifies the complex maintenance of Formula boats into systematic routines, enhancing safety and reliability.  Safety and Reliability: […]

How This Yacht Management Company Uses Tech for Proactive Cost Management

Pelorus Yacht Consulting not only manages yachts, they teach others how to properly manage their own yachts. Technology will be their best friend in order to stay organized in their operating activities. Top 3 Benefits Tailored Maintenance Management and Training Tool: Vessel Vanguard offers Pelorus Yacht Consulting a customized maintenance management platform that fast-tracks client […]

Outer Reef Enhances Each Sale with This Cutting-Edge Software Solution

Outer Reef Yachts is committed to providing their customers with the best service and quality of yachts, and partnering with this software company fit their values exactly. Top 3 Benefits Enhanced Resale Value and Customer Satisfaction: Outer Reef Yachts uses Vessel Vanguard to maintain accurate records, boosting resale values and enhancing customer experience with seamless […]

How Detailed Maintenance Records Skyrocketed This Charter Company’s Value

Northern Conquest has been a prominent player in the marine industry since 2008. Through the years, they’ve discovered ways to make tech work for them. Top 3 Benefits Streamlined Marine Maintenance: Enhanced user interface and mobile access for comprehensive upkeep.  Operational Efficiency: Simplified processes and improved reliability in inventory and maintenance management.  Strategic Transaction Support: […]

Boosting Efficiency by Ditching Old-School Methods for New-Age Tech

MSFS has used whiteboards to track all their maintenance efforts, which proved to have flaws. With new tech, they improved their tracking by tenfold. Top 3 Benefits Single Hub Storing Data: Going from a whiteboard to digital has given MSFS a single spot to store all their maintenance history and important documents.   Maintenance Hours Tracking: […]

Maintenance Cost-Reductions of Over 5%; How This Nordhavn Owner Did It

Bob Breen aboard his Nordhavn 43, Indiscretion.

Bob Breen wanted a better way to maintain his Nordhavn. Read his journey on how he achieved self-sufficiency through the power of technology. Top 3 Benefits Self-Sufficient Maintenance: Bob maintains 95% of his boat himself, and using Vessel Vanguard has helped him understand his vessel through digital documents, step-by-step procedures, and maintenance checklists. Cost-Reductions: Bob’s […]

Streamline Your Safety Management System with Vessel Vanguard

Fire Island Ferries sets Safety Management Systems and Streamlined Inspection Programs implementation standard digital solutions. Top 3 Benefits Enhanced Safety Management Systems: Vessel Vanguard has significantly improved safety management, streamlining compliance with stringent regulatory standards.  Operational Efficiency: The transition to digital record-keeping and inspections has streamlined operations, reducing paperwork and enabling real-time updates.  User-Friendly Technology: […]