Proactive Prevention; How South Ferry’s Adoption of Vessel Vanguard Averted Major Incidents

South Ferry has been operating since the 1700s, and have come across many limitations using old-school methods. Adopting Vessel Vanguard will allow them to not only expand their operations, but the company as a whole.

Top 3 Benefits

  • Streamlined Maintenance Tracking and Operational Efficiency: Vessel Vanguard’s integration into South Ferry’s operations has improved efficiency by enabling instant access to maintenance data, reducing breakdown risks, and ensuring readiness for upcoming tasks. 
  • Enhanced Safety through Proactive Maintenance: Vessel Vanguard proactively detects safety issues, such as leaking hydraulic cylinders, and tracks personnel certifications, significantly increasing safety by preventing potential incidents. 
  • Prevention of Oversights and Routine Monitoring: By routinely monitoring maintenance and inspection needs, Vessel Vanguard helps South Ferry avoid oversights and maintain timely operations, supported by a responsive customer success team.

With Vessel Vanguard, we don’t miss the routine or non-routine activities that might keep a ferry service from running optimally. That translates to safe and streamlined operations for everyone and better service for our customers."

Modernizing Operations for a Historic Ferry Service

The South Ferry Company, a family-owned business operating between Shelter Island and North Haven in New York since the 1700s, faced the challenge of updating its operations management tools. Led by President Cliff Clark since 1999, the company underwent significant expansion and modernization, growing from 150,000 vehicles and 350,000 passengers annually to over 700,000 vehicles and 1.2 million people. With a fleet of five boats, including the newly christened Southern Cross, the need for advanced maintenance tracking became evident. 

The Transition To Vessel Vanguard

In 2011, recognizing the limitations of their outdated, paper-based system, South Ferry embraced the Vessel Vanguard computerized maintenance management system. This Software as a Service (SaaS) application streamlined common vessel activities, providing real-time visibility and inspection alerts. Retired Chief Engineer Captain Phil Dunne, with support from Bill Clark and Chief Engineer Joe Clark, collaborated to integrate vessel information, infrastructure details, and safety equipment into the Vessel Vanguard system. 

Enhanced Efficiency & Safety

Vessel Vanguard’s implementation significantly improved South Ferry’s operational efficiency. With every system, on boats and onshore, integrated into the maintenance tracking program, the organization gained instant accessibility to maintenance needs. This proactive approach allowed the team to prepare adequately for upcoming tasks, ensuring the availability of tools, parts, and materials. 

The maintenance system proved instrumental in ensuring safety and efficient operations. For instance, during a routine inspection of ramps, Vessel Vanguard detected a leaking hydraulic cylinder, allowing the team to rectify the issue before it escalated into an incident. Additionally, the system is utilized for tracking personnel certifications and renewals, contributing to a comprehensive approach to safety.   

Chief Engineer and Captain Joe Clark emphasizes that Vessel Vanguard has become an integral part of the organization’s routine, preventing oversights in both routine and non-routine activities. This proactive approach translates to streamlined and safe operations, ultimately enhancing the service provided to customers. The responsive customer success team further strengthens the partnership, providing timely assistance when needed. 

About Vessel Vanguard

Vessel Vanguard, a leading marine safety and maintenance software provider, is dedicated to revolutionizing the maritime industry. Committed to innovation, we deliver solutions to streamline operations and enhance vessel performance. Our proactive maintenance approach reduces downtime, ensures warranty compliance, schedules preventive maintenance, and keeps parts ready. Protect yourself, your crew, your operation, and asset value with Vessel Vanguard. 

To learn more, schedule a demo today at www.vesselvanguard.com/demo

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