Streamline Your Safety Management System with Vessel Vanguard

Fire Island Ferries sets Safety Management Systems and Streamlined Inspection Programs implementation standard digital solutions.

Top 3 Benefits

  • Enhanced Safety Management Systems: Vessel Vanguard has significantly improved safety management, streamlining compliance with stringent regulatory standards. 
  • Operational Efficiency: The transition to digital record-keeping and inspections has streamlined operations, reducing paperwork and enabling real-time updates. 
  • User-Friendly Technology: The adoption of Vessel Vanguard’s user-friendly platform has made it easier for staff to manage inspections and maintain safety protocols, fostering a culture of compliance and safety across the organization.

Vessel Vanguard has taken the bull by the horns when it does come to SMS and the platform that they are running. I have used Vessel Vanguard specifically to implement the Streamline Inspection Program, and Safety Management System We've also incorporated and will be further incorporating the flagship program into our Vessel Vanguard 360 system."

The Evolution Of Fire Island Ferries

Fire Island Ferries was founded in 1948 by Ed Mooney, who began the company after moving to Fire Island at sixteen. Fire Island Ferries consisted of a fleet of wooden ferries made from converted PT Patrol Boats from the Navy. After his passing a few years back, his son, Timothy Mooney, became the current owner of the company. In 1976, Ed and his partner decided to build their first steel ferry and continued to improve their fleet until 2018, when the company built their most recent ferry. 

Dave Anderson, Director of Operations and General Manager, has been with the company for over 40 years. As you may imagine, a lot of change is bound to happen over that length of time, which is exactly what happened. Dave states, “The industry over my over has changed magnanimously. Safety being one of the biggest items now.” Roughly 15 years ago, Dave enrolled in the SIP program, which stands for Streamlined Inspection Program. This program is self-run but monitored by the US Coast Guard. Everything for this program was completed with pen and paper, which was a time consuming, but necessary process. 

Dave mentioned, “We are, in my opinion, a very overregulated industry. And part of those challenges is trying to get through a lot of the legislative and regulatory issues that we’re confronted with on a yearly basis.” Managing these complexities along with the challenges of attracting skilled labor in a small company setting has been a significant hurdle. The need for a more efficient, digital solution to manage safety and compliance processes was evident to maintain their high standards of operation and safety. 

Implementing Technology As A Solution

The company’s strategic decision to implement Vessel Vanguard into their operations marked a pivotal shift towards digital transformation in safety and inspection management. This transition involved moving away from traditional pen-and-paper record-keeping to a comprehensive, electronic system. Vessel Vanguard, adopted about 15 years ago, provided a platform that streamlined the Streamline Inspection Program managed by Dave and introduced a user-friendly interface that modernized the entire process. This change allowed for real-time updates, digital record-keeping, and easier management of safety protocols, marking a significant step forward in the company’s operational efficiency. 

Dave says with confidence, “Implementing technology has helped not only Fire Island Ferries, but the industry as a whole,” noting that using Vessel Vanguard as a solution has benefitted them in more ways than one and will be expanding the program to aid the entire company. 

Fire Island Ferries Reaps Many Benefits From Vessel Vanguard in SMS Implementation

With Vessel Vanguard, Fire Island Ferries transformed its inspection process from cumbersome paper-based checklists to a dynamic, digital workflow. This transition has enabled the crew to conduct inspections more efficiently, with instant updates and documentation, reducing the average number of correction reports from 15 to just 2-3 per vessel. Dave states, “Vessel Vanguard helps us stay proactive from a safety aspect and an inspection aspect. And if you’re doing consistent inspections using Vessel Vanguard’s program and the Streamline Inspection program, your number of deficiencies decreases drastically over time.” 

The adoption of Vessel Vanguard’s system has also allowed Fire Island Ferries to enhance its compliance with safety regulations, especially with SMS. Dave notes, “Vessel Vanguard has taken the bull by the horns when it does come to SMS and the platform that they are running. I have used Vessel Vanguard specifically to implement the Streamline Inspection Program, and Safety Management System  We’ve also incorporated and will be further incorporating the flagship program into our Vessel Vanguard 360 system.” By integrating the platform with the company’s safety management systems, including the flagship program approved by the Coast Guard, Fire Island Ferries has been able to maintain high safety standards with more ease and less administrative burden. Throughout the process, the company had put itself leaps and bounds ahead of the curve, as they partnered with Vessel Vanguard. Working closely together has allowed both companies to develop a module that will be perfectly tailored to passenger and small passenger vessels within any operation. 

The shift to a digital platform has significantly reduced the reliance on physical paperwork, making information access and record-keeping more manageable and less error prone. The ability to access records and perform updates in real-time, even remotely, has not only improved operational efficiency but also ensured that safety and compliance are continuously monitored and managed effectively. 

In conclusion, Fire Island Ferries’ integration of Vessel Vanguard into their operations has revolutionized how they manage safety, compliance, and inspections. The platform has provided the company with the tools necessary to navigate the complexities of maritime regulations while fostering an environment that prioritizes safety and efficiency. As a result, Fire Island Ferries has set a precedent in the maritime industry for how digital solutions can enhance operational practices, compliance, and overall safety management. Dave concludes, “I have complete faith and trust in Vessel Vanguard 360. They have been extremely instrumental in helping me put together our program. They have tailored their program to my needs as well as industry needs.” Vessel Vanguard prides itself in building solutions to make the maritime industry safer and more reliable. Like Fire Island Ferries, Vessel Vanguard has safety at the forefront of everything they do, while also looking ahead to the future of the industry. Vessel Vanguard is committed to supporting passenger vessels and small passenger vessels in the journey toward achieving regulatory compliance as it closely approaches. Vessel Vanguard is proud of the partnership with Fire Island Ferries as it has been instrumental in the building blocks and foundation of Vessel Vanguard’s SMS/SIP module. 

About Vessel Vanguard

Vessel Vanguard, a leading marine safety and maintenance software provider, is dedicated to revolutionizing the maritime industry. Committed to innovation, we deliver solutions to streamline operations and enhance vessel performance. Our proactive maintenance approach reduces downtime, ensures warranty compliance, schedules preventive maintenance, and keeps parts ready. Protect yourself, your crew, your operation, and asset value with Vessel Vanguard. 

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