Vessel Vanguard Skyrockets Safety and Value for Formula Yachts

Civil commercial trial lawyer, Robert Zarco, understands how important safety is in the boating industry. His 14th Formula boat came equipped with a tool that would provide him peace of mind.

Top 3 Benefits

  • Streamlined Maintenance: Vessel Vanguard simplifies the complex maintenance of Formula boats into systematic routines, enhancing safety and reliability. 
  • Safety and Reliability: It ensures critical components are thoroughly checked, with a five-year comprehensive subscription enhancing boat safety. 
  • Financial and Resale Benefits: Regular maintenance via Vessel Vanguard not only saves costs but also boosts the resale value of boats. 

It’s, in essence, an accessory that I find to be more of a necessity than a luxury. Having Vessel Vanguard as part of the maintenance upkeep is a huge asset and a huge benefit, assisting me in keeping my boat up to date."

Ensuring Marine Safety & Reliability

Robert Zarco, a prominent civil commercial trial lawyer based in Miami Beach, Florida, has a deep-rooted passion for boating that transcends mere hobbyist interest. Having acquired his first boat at the age of 14, he gradually progressed to fulfill his dream of owning a Formula boat, with the 400 Super Sport purchased in 2017 marking his 14th Formula vessel. His affinity for Formula Boats stems from their exceptional quality, craftsmanship, style, and unparalleled performance. 

Despite the joy boating brings him, Robert acknowledges the challenges of marine maintenance. Understanding that regular maintenance is vital for safety and reliability, he emphasizes the importance of a well-organized maintenance program. As a meticulous individual, he relies significantly on Vessel Vanguard to streamline and facilitate this crucial aspect of boat ownership. 

Systemized Maintenance

Vessel Vanguard, a Software as a Service (SaaS) application for marine maintenance, transforms the complex upkeep of boats into a systematic routine. Robert underscores the significance of this tool for Formula boat owners, emphasizing its user-friendly nature and comprehensive coverage of every element of the vessel. Through automated maintenance schedules, custom checklists, and digital access to the vessel’s history, owners gain control over maintenance tasks with ease.  

Robert highlights the utility of Vessel Vanguard in ensuring the thorough examination of critical components such as galvanic isolators, preventing oversight and costly mistakes. Since the collaboration between Formula and Vessel Vanguard in 2014, Formula customers, including Robert, receive a five-year subscription with each new boat. 

Assurance & Financial Savings

For Robert, the benefits of Vessel Vanguard extend beyond financial savings and convenience. The peace of mind derived from regular maintenance translates to short-term cost savings by preventing compounding issues. In the long run, the meticulously documented maintenance history enhances the resale value of his boats. 

Beyond financial considerations, Robert values the confidence Vessel Vanguard instills in his boating experience. As a recreational boater who prioritizes safety and reliability, he emphasizes that these aspects supersede the notions of fun and pleasure. The combination of Formula and Vessel Vanguard ensures a safe and reliable boating experience for Robert and his family, reflecting his commitment to responsible boat ownership. 

Summing up his experience, Robert appreciates the significant asset Vessel Vanguard is in maintaining and ensuring the up-to-date status of his boats. The partnership between Formula and Vessel Vanguard reinforces his dedication to a safe and reliable boating experience, aligning with his core priorities in family outings and time spent on the water with friends. 

About Vessel Vanguard

Vessel Vanguard, a leading marine safety and maintenance software provider, is dedicated to revolutionizing the maritime industry. Committed to innovation, we deliver solutions to streamline operations and enhance vessel performance. Our proactive maintenance approach reduces downtime, ensures warranty compliance, schedules preventive maintenance, and keeps parts ready. Protect yourself, your crew, your operation, and asset value with Vessel Vanguard. 

To learn more, schedule a demo today at www.vesselvanguard.com/demo

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