How Detailed Maintenance Records Skyrocketed This Charter Company’s Value

Northern Conquest has been a prominent player in the marine industry since 2008. Through the years, they've discovered ways to make tech work for them.

Top 3 Benefits

  • Streamlined Marine Maintenance: Enhanced user interface and mobile access for comprehensive upkeep. 
  • Operational Efficiency: Simplified processes and improved reliability in inventory and maintenance management. 
  • Strategic Transaction Support: Detailed maintenance records boost buyer confidence and sales success. 

“I couldn’t have managed the maintenance on that whole fleet on my own without something like Vessel Vanguard. It would have been impossible.”

Maintaining Maintenance Standards

Northern Conquest Charters, led by founder Cliff McCulloch in Queensland, Australia, has been a prominent player in the marine industry for the past 14 years. Established in 2008, the charter service has evolved to become a go-to provider for various activities, including fishing, science research, and military support. As the focus shifted over the years, so did the composition of Northern Conquest’s fleet. 

Currently comprising two 50’+ vessels alongside smaller boats, Cliff acknowledges that regardless of fleet size, maintenance poses a significant challenge in marine environments due to the stringent requirements. Maintaining high standards is crucial, particularly when vessel up-time directly influences revenue, making an efficient maintenance system imperative. 

Cliff underscores the importance of a robust maintenance system, stating, “Without a good maintenance system, you really have no chance of keeping your breakdown hours down or maintaining a high standard of reliability.” Having experimented with various systems over the years, Cliff found most lacking in user-friendliness and functionality, except for one standout solution: Vessel Vanguard.

Turning 'Impossible' Into Reality

Cliff, having thoroughly explored Vessel Vanguard, took charge of its implementation, praising its user-friendly nature. With the launch of a sleek new user interface and enhanced mobile functionality, tracking maintenance has become even more accessible. 

Vessel Vanguard, tailored for marine maintenance, provides a holistic solution, encompassing inventory tracking, maintenance forecasting, job completion, subcontractor orders, and more. Cliff expresses his satisfaction, stating, “I like the inventory part of it. The ability to track parts, forecast maintenance, forecast hours, the ease of completing jobs in the system—everything. It has lots of good features.” 

In practical terms, Vessel Vanguard addresses operational hiccups, preventing weekly headaches and ensuring that inputting accurate data results in valuable output. Cliff emphasizes the system’s versatility in tracking inventory supplies, enabling rapid and organized resupply processes that would otherwise take a week without such an organized system. 

Tracking parts replacements and contract work is streamlined, with the system generating reports that facilitate seamless collaboration with contractors. Cliff commends Vessel Vanguard for simplifying these tasks and ensuring efficiency in regular operations. 

Comprehensive Records for Strategic Advantages

In the complex realm of marine maintenance, maintaining accurate maintenance history becomes crucial, especially during vessel transactions. Vessel Vanguard, with its comprehensive records, provides quick access to vital information, proving beneficial during the sale of Northern Conquest in 2021. 

Cliff asserts that Vessel Vanguard played a “huge part” in the sale, impressing the buyer and their mechanics with the completeness of the records. The reliability of these records, according to Cliff, influenced the buyer’s confidence in the transaction. 

Despite briefly pivoting away from Vessel Vanguard post-sale, Northern Conquest faced immediate challenges with a different, more expensive maintenance system. Cliff emphasizes the negative impact on maintenance standards, prompting a swift return to Vessel Vanguard. 

Cliff observes the struggles faced by others in the industry who lack efficient maintenance systems, emphasizing the common issues faced by big ferry companies. He stresses the superiority of Vessel Vanguard, designed specifically for marine applications, as opposed to generic systems meant for trucks. 

In conclusion, Cliff attributes the success of Northern Conquest to the consistent use of Vessel Vanguard, resulting in reduced breakdown hours and lost revenue. He encourages users to adhere to the system, emphasizing the industry’s high preventable revenue losses and proudly stating that Northern Conquest stands as an exception, operating with remarkably low preventable lost revenue.

About Vessel Vanguard

Vessel Vanguard, a leading marine safety and maintenance software provider, is dedicated to revolutionizing the maritime industry. Committed to innovation, we deliver solutions to streamline operations and enhance vessel performance. Our proactive maintenance approach reduces downtime, ensures warranty compliance, schedules preventive maintenance, and keeps parts ready. Protect yourself, your crew, your operation, and asset value with Vessel Vanguard. 

To learn more, schedule a demo today at www.vesselvanguard.com/demo

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