SMS Services

Customized Safety Management Systems

Vessel Vanguard plans, creates, and implements comprehensive safety management systems for you to continuously track and manage all of your SMS requirements in a single application.

Vessel Vanguard is versatile and offers vessel operators the tools to efficiently manage safety and regulatory compliance, streamline maintenance procedures, and customize operational documents.

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Customized SMS Program Documentation

Provide us with your operation and vessel information, and we will build a customized Safety Management System program for you and your organization.

If your operation has to adhere to  strict government regulations, that is what the program delivers. If you are a recreational boater, it brings you peace of mind.

  • Vessel Details
  • Safety & Environmental Policy
  • Designated Person Responsibility
  • Master’s Responsibility
  • Personnel Policy
  • Emergency Preparedness
  • Reports & Analysis
  • Company Responsibility
  • Maintenance Checklists
  • Scheduled Safety Reviews
  • Risk Register
  • Safety Procedures

We create comprehensive safety management systems and give operators the best tools to manage compliance.

Maintenance & Safety Management System

Track everything from physical gear such as life rafts and flares to all maintenance and safety management system requirements in real time.

Easily fulfill vessel authority inspection requirements by having access to all your maintenance and safety records and audit reports, with a tap of your finger.

  • Vessel Information
  • Recurring Maintenance Tasks
  • One Time Maintenance Tasks
  • Custom Checklists
  • Operational Checklists
  • Custom Forms
  • Required Inventory
  • Crew Information
  • Responsible Party Designation
  • Electronic Signatures
  • Vessel Equipment
  • Spare Parts
  • Safety Equipment
  • And More

Track and manage all of your SMS requirements effortlessly in a single powerful application that gives you versatile control over safety.

Inquire About SMS Services

Ask us about our SMS services. List the services you are interested in, include any relevant vessel information, and ask any questions you may have. Our customer service will contact you to discuss the services in detail.