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Safety Management Made Easy

Customized Safety Management Systems

Vessel Vanguard specializes in developing and executing comprehensive safety management systems tailored to streamline your SMS requirements seamlessly within a singular application.

Reduce Costs

Safer Operation

Increase Efficiency

Reduce SMS implementation and management costs by up to 95%. Eliminating the need for extra personnel or external resources.

Follow a tailored SMS program. Ensuring you maintain all components on your vessel in accordance to your inspection program.

Our system automatically collects and manages maintenance data, preparing you for when inspections are due.

Reduce Costs

Our automated approach to SMS implementation minimizes the time and effort required to build and manage your program.

Safer Operation

Reduce SMS implementation and management costs by up to 95%. Eliminating the need for extra personnel or external resources.

Increase Efficiency

Navigate the seas confidently. Our system automatically collects and manages maintenance data, reducing the risks of fines. 

Complying with SMS Requirements

Select Your Safety Management Program

Vessel Vanguard 360 simplifies Safety Management. We implement a tailored safety management program designed specifically for your vessel, in just a few easy steps.

Requirements Applied to Your Vessel

Vessel Vanguard seamlessly integrates the latest SMS Requirements directly into your vessel profile.

Your dashboard will outline required inspections for each piece of equipment, guaranteeing compliance and efficiency.

Requirements Applied to Your Vessel

Vessel Vanguard automatically takes the most up to date USCG Requirements and populates them in your vessel profile.

Your profile is then customized to match each piece of equipment with the correct ICR number for your SIP program.

Procedures and Deficiencies

Adhere to SMS safety protocols as outlined in your program, while proactively incorporating any additional measures for enhanced safety. Promptly report any deficiencies, providing clear corrective action plans along with the specific Deficiency Codes to ensure swift resolution.

View All Corrections

Monitor completed deficiencies and pull reports at anytime. Know exactly what is being maintained onboard.

View All Corrections

Easily monitor completed deficiencies as they are completed from the task list.

Insurance Premium Savings

Beyond having a streamlined safety management system and partner. You can potentially qualify for additional insurance savings. 

By implementing an SMS you will be a adhering to compliance and regulations from the Coast Guard. The SMS can serve as proof of your boat’s maintenance and safety standards.

We create comprehensive safety management systems and give operators the best tools to manage compliance.

Maintenance & Safety Management System

Track everything from physical gear such as life rafts and flares to all maintenance and safety management system requirements in real time.

Easily fulfill vessel authority inspection requirements by having access to all your maintenance and safety records and audit reports, with a tap of your finger.

  • Vessel Inspection Program
  • Recurring Maintenance Task
  • One Time Deficiencies
  • Tailored Inspection Checklist
  • Operational Checklist
  • Custom SMS Forms
  • Inventory Management
  • Crew Requirements
  • Corrective Action Designation
  • Electronic Signatures
  • Equipment List
  • Safety Inspections
  • Document Management
  • And More

Track and manage all of your SMS requirements effortlessly in a single powerful application that gives you versatile control over safety.

Build Your SMS in Just Minutes

Ask us about our SMS services. List the services you are interested in, include any relevant vessel information, and ask any questions you may have. Our customer service will contact you to discuss the services in detail.