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From easy to use maintenance management designed for recreational boaters to advanced maintenance management for larger boats and commercial vessels to specialized tools to help commercial operators stay in compliance, Vessel Vanguard is adaptive.


Advanced system for commercial and regulated vessels, Vessel Vanguard comes with compliance and safety tools, powerful dashboards and flexible fleet management capabilities.


An easy to use maintenance management program designed for recreational boaters, Vessel Vanguard makes it simple to manage your maintenance, manuals, and warranties.


Vessel Vanguard helps you maintain a high level of readiness for search and rescue missions, law enforcement, drug interdiction, homeland security, and environmental protection.

Minimize Operating Costs

Maximize Protection and Safety

Vessel Vanguard drives a proactive approach to marine maintenance management, reducing unnecessary downtime and minimizing unplanned maintenance. Protect you, your crew, your operation, and the value of your asset.

Protect Your Vessel

Preventive maintenance tasks reduce unexpected breakdowns, make your vessel safer to operate, improve your day to day experiences on the water, and ensure the vessel’s overall longevity.

Protect Your Crew

While maintenance helps prevent accidents caused by equipment failures, safety equipment such as life jackets, first aid kits, fire extinguishers, and signaling devices, add an extra level of protection.

Protect Your Operation​

Employ tools that drive consistency, reduce maintenance costs, eliminate downtime, unplanned repairs, and missed trips, and utilize clear and actionable data to streamline and improve your entire operation.

Protect Your Assets

Follow all recommended operating procedures, keep your vessel clean, and regularly maintain it, with detailed reports and logs to prove it, protect your vessel’s value and save on insurance costs.

Protect Your Passengers

Maintain adequate and functioning safety equipment for all of your passengers at all times, keep your navigational equipment in a working order, and provide protocols and education to your passengers.

Protect Your Environment

Start by optimizing your vessel’s health so it consumes less and pollutes less, avoid disturbing marine life, and comply with all regulations, including those related to waste discharge, fuel spills, and disposal.

Simple Powerful Design

Vessel Vanguard is an easy to use online, offline, desktop, and mobile application for any operational environment

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