Enhanced Manufacturer Services

Elevate Customer Satisfaction & Maximize Revenue Opportunities

The Vessel Vanguard OEM Services eliminates paperwork and optimizes operations for manufacturers and their valued customers. Elevate customer experience and convenience, ensuring top-tier service at every turn.

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User Manual Design

Creating user manuals has been a time-consuming and costly endeavor. All you need to do is provide us with the raw content, and Vessel Vanguard will take it from there.

Our dedicated team of marine industry experts excels in the art of user manual design. We understand the unique demands of complex systems, and we’re committed to organizing information efficiently.

Electronic Manual Delivery

Ensure your customers embark on their yacht ownership journey with confidence and knowledge, and empower them from day one.

Vessel Vanguard meticulously details all systems, equipment, makes, models, part and serial numbers, placing an extensive array of truly useful resources right at the new owner’s fingertips.

Customer Maintenance Program

Starting on the day of delivery, Vessel Vanguard’s electronic system seamlessly integrates maintenance schedules for your customers.

Within a single, user-friendly platform, they can proactively plan maintenance, access detailed step-by-step procedures, and effortlessly browse digitized manuals, all expertly crafted by our team.

Proactive Service Management

Stay ahead by actively monitoring the maintenance needs of your delivery fleet, and initiate contact with customers to help with any warranty-related services.

Leverage Vessel Vanguard to propose forthcoming maintenance and strategically schedule service times. This approach ensures that service work remains within your purview, minimizing customer downtime.

Boost revenue, enhance the customer experience, and provide the necessary resources for your customers to achieve success.

Inquire About OEM Services

Ask us about our OEM services. List the services you are interested in, include any relevant vessel information, and ask any questions you may have. Our customer service will contact you to discuss the services in detail.