Embracing E-Boating Efficiencies


Eyeing an electric boat but not quite ready to take the plunge? Here are some ways to “electrify” your current cruiser. The benefits of electric boating are clear: silent motors, increased torq, renewable recharging, and reduced fossil fuel consumption. Fortunately, you don’t need an electric boat to take advantage of many of these benefits. Here […]

Boat Fuel Systems

Yacht charging and fueling up.

At the spring boat shows, as you’re looking at new boat models, ask about the fuel systems. Important improvements are being incorporated on the inside, that are not visible on the outside. Fuel systems in boats, even boats of fairly recent vintage, have more in common with those in 1930s-era automobiles. The great news is […]

The Future of Boats & Boating


BoatUS Magazine editors predict what recreational vessels — and boating in general — will look like in the year 2044. Boat electronics: Enhanced integration, touchscreen control, digital switching trend Mark Corke, Associate Editor: I think that what we will see in the future is more and more integration. The world of boat electronics is changing […]

Yacht Navigation Light Inspection

I’ve never understood why so many vessels I inspect as a marine surveyor fail in their ability to comply with mandated navigational lighting requirements. I’d estimate the percentage is as high as 30% (or worse), an appalling rate when it comes to safety-related equipment. Imagine if your life jackets or fire extinguishers only worked 70% […]