View and add tasks

The focused maintenance task views allow you to easily find exactly what you’re looking for and quickly deliver the data that most needs your attention at any given time. New tasks can be added from any view.


Process tasks

Tasks can be completed, rescheduled, and edited, and you can also add task-specific procedures, and review task history.

Find tasks

Locate tasks based on key filtering attributes such as due date, task status, and assignee, and perform targeted searches manually.

Manage Locations

Manage the complete inventory life cycle per vessel and across your entire fleet. View the entire parts catalog and access parts data quickly to streamline operations.

Add Parts

Add parts and hierarchical inventory locations with ease. Record all important location data and part details for complete and accurate tracking and oversight.

Find equipment

Locate parts by system or individually, perform targeted searches, and utilize flexible hierarchies to organize your parts.

Add and edit equipment

Easily add and edit installed equipment and capture all key details quickly and without effort.

Organize it all

Manage all documents in a single streamlined documents view.

Create folders to easily group everything categorically.

Move and organize all documents quickly as your collection grows.


You can create one time checklists directly or start with a previously made template. You can create recurring, pre-trip, post-trip, or seasonal checklists.


Work through a list and complete individual tasks, digitally signing them as you go. Modify checklist details, assign tasks, and attach media to document findings.

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