Summit MotorYachts

About Summit MotorYachts

Summit MotorYachts’ flagship planing hull design, the Summit 54’, is the celebrated result of two legendary design teams. With a new product line in mind, the seaworthy, long-range trawler experts at Kadey-Krogen Yachts, turned to the marine industry’s go-to performance authority and luxury designer, Michael Peters, to bring something altogether new to the motoryacht market. Together, her beautiful exterior lines were drawn; her hull, with an impressive 330 nautical mile range at 23 knots, was developed; and her seakeeping and performance standards were set.

The elevated interior—the custom-like finishes and classic yacht styling—was crafted by Espinosa Yacht Design and interior designer Katie Astras. Bringing in the best for each department has produced a brand and model that is distinguished and sure to become another prized American yacht on the waters of the world.

Summit MotorYachts, is a brand that lives under parent company Kadey-Krogen Yachts, and production of the Summit 54’ is happening at Asia Harbor Yacht Builders in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, where all Kadey-Krogens are built. A long-standing, 25-year partnership with the privately-owned yard has produced a team of master craftsmen dedicated to building the finest yachts.

Kadey-Krogen Yachts is recognized by its 40-plus-year history of design innovation and is applauded for building more than 620 semi-custom, Pure Full Displacement™ trawler yachts. That time-honored tradition continues.