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Vessel Vanguard Press Release

Vessel Vanguard Launches New Suite of Marine Maintenance Management Solutions

Bonita Springs, FL – September 15, 2021 – Vessel Vanguard, a subsidiary of Baxter Marine Group, today announces the release of its full suite of marine maintenance and safety management platforms, Vessel Vanguard LTE, Vessel Vanguard PRO, and Vessel Vanguard SMS.

Rebuilt from the Ground Up

Following the acquisition of WheelHouse Technologies and Vessel Vanguard earlier in 2021, Baxter Marine Group made a significant investment in technology and infrastructure to create the latest version of Vessel Vanguard. This release delivers a new set of powerful features and functionality, easily navigated from a brand-new, intuitive interface.

“We’re committed to providing the marine industry with the most advanced, modern solutions to improve vessel reliability and safety, while creating a significant reduction in operational expenses,” says Rick Heine, Chairman of Baxter Business Group. “Vessel Vanguard has gone through a complete rebuild and now provides comprehensive solutions for every segment of the marine industry, including recreational, commercial, and passenger vessel operators.”

Repurposed for Optimum Efficiency, Reliability, and Protection

The new Vessel Vanguard platform delivers a completely redesigned web UI/UX, providing users with a powerful, yet simplified workflow for managing every aspect of their operation. The release also comes with a new mobile application, which puts critical information into the hands of operators in real-time and significantly streamlines the tasks performed by crew members every day. This significant upgrade also strengthens the security and reliability of the system and delivers many new options for integrations, including telematics and electronic signatures. 

“We are very excited to go live with the next generation of Vessel Vanguard products,” says April Stercula, CEO of Baxter Marine Group. “This release provides major upgrades to our customers in the way of features, functionality, and security. We have also created flexible plans and pricing to meet the needs of every segment of the marine industry. Whether you operate a single-engine center console or a fleet of tankers, Vessel Vanguard can help make every trip as safe, seamless, and cost-effective as possible.” 

Redefining the Industry Standard

Vessel Vanguard will be offering three unique levels of service – LTE, PRO, and SMS. The LTE plan will provide simplified solutions for recreational boaters at an affordable price point. The PRO plan is aimed at complex operations, including commercial operators and large vessels. It provides a comprehensive set of tools for managing large vessels and fleets. The SMS plan delivers all the capabilities of PRO, plus additional features needed for operators who require a safety management system as part of their regulatory requirements.

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About Vessel Vanguard

Vessel Vanguard provides mission-critical, cloud-based maintenance, compliance, inventory, and safety management Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions to the marine industry. The company’s solutions help owners and operators track and manage their vessels’ maintenance, inventory, and seaworthiness. Advanced tools help commercial and regulated vessels comply with rigorous safety rules and regulatory guidelines, reduce costs, mitigate risks, and minimize asset downtime. Vessel Vanguard supports over 1,000 customers and 3,500 vessels worldwide, including boat manufacturers, recreational owners, commercial operators, law enforcement, and military operations. The company was founded in 2021 and is based in Bonita Springs, Florida.

Vessel Vanguard

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