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Trawler Skills – Trawler Tools


The independence to travel remotely in a trawler requires self-sufficiency.

For many reasons, especially being ready to handle a new learning experience that presents itself at an inopportune moment, it is critical to plan ahead and assemble a varied assortment of hand tools to assist with onboard projects. These “tools-of-the-trade” are different for every trawler and for every trawler owner.

You don’t need to be an engineer or have an in depth understanding of every system, you will learn as you go. If you take care of your trawler, it will take care of you.

Every trawler has a variety of systems and equipment that need attention. Some are constantly monitored by gauges and meters, others are ignored until they start letting you know something is amiss.

There is almost always a new project to check off your list (and a new one to add). This is easier for those who possess an inherent mechanical aptitude, however, your attitude can overcome a lack of practice if you are willing to learn and eager to try. It is incredibly satisfying to diagnose a problem and solve it using your own hands. Every successfully completed chore builds more confidence and you will become more proficient each time you repeat a drill you have done before.

The JMYS team is comprised of experienced boaters, many own or have owned trawlers and we like to advise our clients on what tools they should carry in case something goes wrong or something needs attention. We enjoy meeting with trawler operators and learning about the assortment of tools that they keep aboard to assist with maintenance and repairs.

This video represents some of the tools that Kevin Jeffries carries aboard his Nordhavn 55, Red Rover. Kevin and I went through Red Rover where he showed me his accumulated stashes and we filmed a video to discuss some of his tool selections and how they are used.

In the TRAWLER TOOLS section of the JMYS website we have assembled a library of photos to show how different trawler owners approach and handle the selection and storage of tools. To read more and see photos go to JMYS Trawler Tools or click this link:

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