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Trawler Skills – Changing a Sea Strainer


Here’s another Trawler Tip video. Jeff Merrill learns how Christopher Bruce changes out the intake strainer basket on his Kadey Krogen 44AE.

This is a simple step by step procedure that takes just a few minutes to perform and helps insure that your sea water intake cooling water flow is unobstructed.

In this video, Christopher is changing the main engine cooling water strainer basket.

With a fresh strainer basket ready, a small container to hold the old strainer once pulled, you don’t need any tools – just some paper towels to soak up the seawater and a fresh water rinse once you have confirmed the installation is correct.

Christopher follows the same steps to change the strainer for his generator, air conditioning, sea water wash down, water maker, etc.

Thank you Alexandra Bruce for filming this Trawler Skills video.

Jeff Merrill Yacht Sales, Inc.