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Offshore Cruising. Preparing Craft and Crew – A Special Tip – Thru-Hulls


Boaters University Tips

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This Offshore Cruising Tip is called, “Through hulls”.

Through hulls are vital operational features that every boat owner needs to understand.

Many owners take through hulls for granted and don’t give them much thought. We’d like to encourage you to remember their vital roles.

We recommend that you identify the location and purpose of each through hull on your boat. As part of your check lists and routines we suggest you test regularly and make sure each through hull is working – it can be freely opened and closed. When they aren’t used, they can “freeze” or become stubborn.

Through hulls that supply raw water to strainers seem to get more service since they are closed off to clean out the strainers, then re-opened.

Other through hulls, like deck drains, are rarely adjusted since they are almost always left open.

“Exercising” through hulls keeps them active and ready.

One tip we recommend is using a PVC pipe as a “long reach” to check those through hulls tucked away outboard and also as a “persuader” that can give you the extra leverage you need to nudge a through hull that has become stiff due to lack of use.

Never force a through hull, you could break it and open the flow of water. It is a good practice to have soft wooden bungs and a soft blow hammer nearby to plug a broken through hull and stop the inflow of raw water.

If your boat is hauled out you can be a bit more aggressive, but if they are really stuck, they may need to be disassembled or replaced.

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