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Offshore Cruising. Preparing Craft and Crew – A Special Tip – Labeling Your Boat


Boaters University Tips

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In February of 2019, Jeff spent three intense days in Jacksonville, FL to film a new Boaters University course. The result is a very comprehensive series of video clips to watch and documents to download. The online curriculum offered by Boaters University includes a series of video courses taught by well-known marine industry personalities who specialize in different fields.

“Offshore Cruising – Preparing Craft and Crew” was created to help sailors and power boaters better understand how to get ready and what to expect before traveling offshore.

During the filming of lessons, the film crew asked Jeff to shoot a couple of “teaser shorts” to explain some helpful tips for cruising boaters and give a taste of what to expect from the entire series.

This Offshore Cruising Tip is called, “Labeling Your Boat”.

As you become more familiar with your boat, you quickly realize there is a seemingly endless number of components, equipment and details to keep track of. To help you better understand and remember what everything is (and what is normal), we recommend that you arm yourself with a roll of blue tape and a permanent ink pen (Sharpie) to inventory and prepare a reminder label for crucial components.

By creating simple identifiers – what it is, normal settings, what to monitor – you will become more aware of your boat and therefore become more in tune with safe operations and proper performance.

Jeff’s clients like to tease him about the contagious amount of blue tape that he normally plasters all over and affectionately refer to it as “Merrill Pox”. You may be surprised how quickly you will appreciate these friendly reminders. This basic procedure to identify and monitor equipment is the foundation of “Dialing-in-your-boat.”

Over time you can upgrade the blue tape labels with more professional looking label maker stickers.

To learn more about preparing for safe cruising, we invite you to sign up for “Offshore Cruising – Preparing Craft and Crew” and learn why it has become one of the most popular classes offered.

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JMYS is proud to partner with Boaters University and we hope that you will sign up to take the course. We truly believe this course will be a huge help for all boaters who wish to travel offshore.

Thank you for watching this special tip video, we welcome your comments.

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