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Offshore Cruising. Preparing Craft and Crew – A Special Tip – Analog Gauges


Boaters University Tips

We love blue tape. It is helpful for labeling and reminding you of important items to track and monitor. In this Offshore Cruising tip called “Analog Gauges”, Jeff recommends using blue tape to help you mark your gauges for quick verification that all is well.

Analog gauges have needle indicators that move to and remain in a safe operating “normal” position once they are warmed up and running.

By marking the “normal” needle location with blue tape, you can quickly check that your gauges are where they should be. If you start running hot, losing voltage or oil pressure you have a simple pre-alarm warning.

This same tip can be used for main engine analog gauges. Simply cut blue tape into small triangles and mark the normal needle locations for voltage, oil pressure, and coolant. This practice can be used for all of your analog gauges including proper pressure points for steering, fresh water, etc. A swift glance lets you verify your status.

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