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Interview (Q&A) with the owners of Nordhavn 50 Granuaile – Offshore Training


Offshore Underway

This video is the summary interview with the owners of the Nordhavn 50 Granuaile from the Offshore Training video. You should know up front that there is no new video footage. Realizing that not everybody completed watching the original, we have prepared this edited, shorter version to share the educational and informative trip review discussion located near the end of the film. We have added several new photos at the conclusion showing where Neil and Kathleen have traveled since completing the Florida to North Carolina passage.

We knew when we posted this video that capturing people’s attention for over 50 minutes would be too long for most. Despite the time commitment to make it through, many viewers have watched the feature length from start to finish (some multiple times). If you didn’t finish, we think you missed out on one of the best parts – the trip summary.. Neil and Kathleen met with Jeff in the pilothouse to rehash the passage, safely tied to the dock, and this edition covers that review session reminiscing and re-living the trip highlights. Consider this a Trailer, a Reprise, the Cliff Notes, or, if you are old enough to remember, the Readers Digest condensed version..

We’d also like to remind viewers who have now met Neil and Kathleen that you can keep up with their travels. Please go to to subscribe if you would like to enjoy the continuing adventures of Granuaile.

The Donohoe’s did a lot of research before making their decision to purchase. We reviewed several brands and models before finding this Nordhavn 50. The Donohoe’s purchased this Nordhavn 50 (unlisted private sale) through JMYS in November 2019. One of the commitments the JMYS team loves to honor is spending time with our clients well after the sale to join them for a couple of days coaching, instruction and training. Training post purchase, whether it is docking, anchoring or, like this trip a long offshore trip is one of the best parts of our job as yacht brokers. Scheduling the time to set aside can be difficult to plan. It’s more likely to happen if dates are blocked off in advance (and usually more fun if we are blessed by good weather).

Neil and Kathleen were keen to head offshore and test their sea legs on a long continuous run. There is always a bit of anticipation for the unknown and for many trawler owners there is trepidation about traveling at night…it seems scary, until you try it and see you CAN do it. Jeff has traveled many nights at sea and thousands of miles offshore. He enjoys sharing many of the skills he has learned with his clients, providing a firsthand, on-the-job real-world experience.

This trip occurred in June 2020 and was shot while running on a multi-day non-stop training cruise from Vero Beach, FL to Southport, NC. Successfully arriving after running for 94 hours straight removed any doubts of whether they could handle this or not. The ride was a bit bouncier than forecast, but that added to the experience of living aboard underway – eating, sleeping, doing engine room checks and taking command in the pilothouse (for the first time at night).

The original full-length video – Vero Beach, FL to Southport, NC. 500+ miles – was posted in September 2020 and the number of views, thumbs up and positive comments (all records for JMYS) has been excitingly surprising, thank you! If you haven’t seen the long version, it is available on this channel.

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