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Cruising Conversations – Episode 5 – Dennis Fox


Kadey-Krogen or Nordhavn? Ask Dennis Fox- He’s owned 5 of each! Dennis and Julie Fox love boating, they have made it their “thing” since 1995, favoring being afloat over golf, tennis, gardening and other land-based activities.

Jeff sat down with Dennis a few weeks ago in Stuart, FL aboard the Krogen 48 North Sea, Klassy Kady. Julie wasn’t available to film this Cruising Conversation, but Dennis can speak well for the two of them. Dennis has become the model of every yacht brokers dream client – a serial boat buyer. Dennis and Julie prefer to purchase new, travel, tweak and then sell to try a different approach. They have also purchased brokerage boats and even “rescued” a boat or two.

There is no boasting involved, just a matter of fact choice to spend their free time on the water. The decades offshore have been kind to them, and they have been kind to other boaters – creating a very well-connected group of cruising friends who they still spend time with regularly.

The boats are one thing, but the friendships are the main thing. They love the trawler lifestyle and the camaraderie of fellow cruising folks. As the conversation developed a number of mutual acquaintances (both people and boats) illustrate the tight knit trawler community that we all have embraced. Dennis is subtle with his sense of humor, but you can see the sparkle in his eyes, and he was as charming and amusing in person as he is portrayed on film.

During their boating career they have enjoyed travelling on both US coasts, have done the Great Loop twice, sailed down to the Caribbean, crossed the Atlantic and cruised the Mediterranean. They have traveled by themselves and in groups (FUBAR/CUBAR and the Nordhavn Atlantic Rally). A series of Sea Fox named boats and a Julie K or two have sailed all over, typically crewed by family and friends on the longer trips and just Dennis and Julie on shorter excursions.

So, Kadey-Krogen or Nordhavn? As Dennis told Jeff “People should buy the one they like, but buy it, as there is no perfect boat, just the next boat! It’s ALL about having fun!”

Thanks for watching Episode 5. We welcome your comments and hope you will come back and stay tuned as we have more Cruising Conversations in the works.

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