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J/Boats Goes Electric


Courtesy, J/Boats

Iconic sailboat maker J/Boats has introduced its new J/9 daysailer with an optional factory-installed electric pod drive. “In recent years, we have seen growing interest in electric propulsion as a sustainable alternative to diesel inboards or gas outboards,” says Jeff Johnstone, president. “Torqeedo’s electric outboards have been popular as add-ons to our popular J/70, but this is the first time we’ve offered the Torqeedo electric pod as a standard propulsion option on new boats.”

On the new 28-foot daysailer, the option includes a Torqeedo Cruise 4.0 pod drive with a dual-blade folding prop powered by a Power 48-5000 lithium-ion battery with a 650W charger that can be plugged directly into dockside shore power. The Torqeedo package also includes a throttle and easy-to-read cockpit display that gives you battery status and projected cruising range at current speed, and a convenient mobile phone app that connects wirelessly to display all the data remotely.

This simple rig will add a little kick to your sail speed.

“The Torqeedo electric propulsion package is priced slightly lower than the inboard diesel option on the J/9 and is approximately 30% lighter in weight,” says Mary Jo Reinhart, Torqeedo’s director of OEM and retail sales. “It’s also much simpler to install and maintain, with no fuel tank, no fuel lines or exhaust system. And of course, with electric, there are no fumes, no engine noise on deck, and no more expensive visits to the fuel dock.”

Johnstone says testing showed a range of 20 miles at 5 knots, and about 12 miles at 6 knots in calm conditions.

“We were pleased to see that even in a very light 4-knot breeze, having the mainsail hoisted and trimmed can add several miles to the cruising range.”

The base price of the J/9 with the Torqeedo Cruise 4.0 pod drive is $125,000 |

Rich Armstrong

Senior Editor, BoatUS Magazine