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Get ‘Smart’ With Blue Guard Innovation


Smart Skipper offers remote monitoring, systems control, and oil/fuel detector.

Illustration: Blue Guard Innovations

Remote monitor and control systems for boats have become quite popular, and a new one just hitting the market, Smart Skipper from Blue Guard Innovations, features a few perks we haven’t seen before. Like most others, you get to enjoy monitoring and alarm systems with things like bilge pump cycle detection and geofencing, while also gaining remote control of the boat’s systems via an interface with an app.

Photo: Blue Guard Innovations

But Smart Skipper adds in the ability to link in fire detectors and smoke alarms. It also offers an unusual bilge pump switch and sensor with oil and fuel detection capabilities, so you’ll know what’s floating around in the bilge and if anything is leaking. Plus, Smart Skipper wraps in the ability to store the boat’s data on the cloud, and the tablet used for the system’s Bluetooth connectivity can be split-screened to show weather or nav data. $395 for the basic starter kit, $750 for the Premium version. Visit to learn more.

Lenny Rudow

New Boats, Fishing & Electronics Editor, BoatUS Magazine