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Fishing Facts At Your Fingertips


Fish Rules App launches expanded version for Florida freshwater anglers to help identify species and make it easy to follow state and federal fishing regulations.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) has partnered with Fish Rules App to include Florida freshwater fishing regulations. Fish Rules App is a powerful digital tool that helps anglers identify the species caught, immediately determines if a fish is in season, how many you can keep, how big they have to be, and much more to make complying with state and federal fishing laws easy.

The Fish Rules App also includes saltwater fishing regulations for state and federal waters from Maine to Texas plus California, Hawaii, U.S. Caribbean, and the Bahamas.

“FWC staff and law enforcement have been using this tool for years now due to its excellence in keeping Florida anglers up to date on the latest in saltwater fishing regulations,” says Jessica McCawley, FWC’s director for the Division of Marine Fisheries Management.

“Our partnership with Fish Rules will strengthen the communication of fishing regulations with our anglers,” adds Jon Fury, FWC’s director for the Division of Freshwater Fisheries Management. “We look forward to sharing the new version of Fish Rules App with our 1.4 million anglers and encourage them to use the app whenever they are fishing one of Florida’s extraordinary water bodies.”

Because fishing regulations vary, enabling your device’s location services will automatically show you regulations for the specific area where you’re fishing. The Fish Rules App is available for iOS and Android devices. Visit to learn more.

Rich Armstrong

Senior Editor, BoatUS Magazine