February 2024 Newsletter

Dive into our February newsletter to explore insights from the PVA Annual Convention and safety & compliance within the digital space.

PVA Annual Convention

The Passenger Vessel Association Annual Convention at MariTrends 2024 was a huge success, and we thank all attendees who visited our booth.

Speaking with industry professionals revealed insights into consumer perspectives and sparked discussions on crucial issues. Rhiannon Silvashy expressed her insight “The industry is shifting towards digitization with a focus on regulations and safety, and many operations are taking proactive measures to stay ahead.”

We are pleased to observe the positive trajectory of the industry and Vessel Vanguard remains committed to innovating and developing powerful solutions that precisely meet the industry’s demands. We are excited about attending next year’s convention and continuing our partnership with the PVA.

First Episode Of Season 2

Digitalization, Safety, and Advocacy with Captains Kurt Huck & Stephen Steels

In Season 2 of Boating Insider, Captain Kurt Huck, former Executive Director of PCVA, and Captain Stephen Steels, Senior Master with Kingston 1000 Islands Cruises, discuss crucial maritime issues, including digital transformation, safety, and upcoming Transport Canada SMS regulations. The episode explores technological advancements, challenges in digitization, and the promotion of waterborne tourism, offering key insights into the industry’s future.

The Shift To Digital In Maritime

Our very own Rhiannon Silvashy, and valued Vessel Vanguard customer, Dave Anderson of Fire Island Ferries, joined forces to deliver a compelling keynote on advancing safety and compliance within the maritime industry through digital support. During the presentation, Dave Anderson shared insightful anecdotes about his team’s adoption of technology, detailing their innovative approaches to training and operational efficiency optimization.

The maritime landscape is witnessing a shift in focus due to impending regulations for passenger and commercial vessels. This pivotal topic took center stage during our keynote address. The event garnered significant attention, drawing a large audience of Passenger Vessel Association (PVA) members. The feedback from attendees was overwhelmingly positive.

For those seeking information on upcoming industry regulations, the Passenger Vessel Association stands as a valuable resource. To navigate the transition to a paperless process and explore how our team at Vessel Vanguard can support you, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We are here to assist you on this transformative journey!

Storing Ethanol-Enhanced Gas

A couple of years back in spring, boat owners entered into a rapid alliance with ethanol-enhanced gasoline. Almost four months later, warnings about ethanol’s impact on fiberglass tanks had materialized, causing issues for high-end boat owners. Reports indicated over 70 cases of tank failures, leading to engine damage and replacements. The situation varies, with fewer complaints in regions where ethanol was introduced later. That upcoming winter posed a test due to ethanol’s water-attracting property and concerns about phase separation, a corrosive issue for engines.

Preventing phase separation remains a debated challenge; experts recommend topping off tanks to reduce condensation. The transition to ethanol was smoother in areas where boat owners were better informed, with preventive measures being popular.

If you would like to learn more about treating E-10 in the winter, read more below!

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