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Downriggers With A Digital Edge


Wireless, interconnected Cannon Optimums read surface temperature, relay true depth, temperature, and speed to maximize bait presentation.

Cannon, a pioneer in downrigger technology, takes it to the next level with its new Optimum Downrigger. Aimed primarily at freshwater anglers, theses new downriggers have wireless connectivity that helps you drop your lure to just the right spot.

“Making reliable downriggers has always been our goal, but today’s angler is looking for more connected solutions to make boat management and bait presentation more precise and efficient,” says Brad Henry, Cannon brand manager.

Optimum Downriggers boast a 3.5-inch color display, but the cool part is that they fully integrate with Humminbird fishfinders, Fish Hawk electronics, a mobile app, and up to three other additional Optimum downriggers — all wirelessly.

From connected Humminbird units, on the downrigger itself or through the Cannon mobile app, anglers can raise, lower, and set trolling depths for the downrigger weights through the easy-to-use menu. In addition, the user can read surface temperature, true depth, temperature, and speed at the Fish Hawk probe — critical information for an angler to precisely present baits.

The new downriggers boast 250 feet-per-minute retrieval speed, as well as the waterline zero feature which keeps the weight a set distance below the surface of the water. Sudden stops at ascent and descent points are virtually eliminated by the Soft Stop feature.

When anglers need to cycle the depth of the bait within the water column, the new Optimum allows for presetting depth and time intervals with depth cycling to give bait a more natural swimming motion. The additional bottom tracking feature adjusts the depth of the weight to automatically keep lines and lures a set distance from the bottom, so anglers have accuracy in bait presentation.

Pricing: $1,499.99 (Standard), $1,699.99 (Tournament) |

Mark Corke

Contributing Editor, BoatUS Magazine