Trawler Skills – Trawler Tips

We know that most people like to learn by watching. There are so many things going on with the proper “care and feeding” of a trawler that we decided to shoot some videos sharing some of the many tips we have learned from our clients. Experience is the best teacher. We learn from our mistakes. […]

Trawler Skills

Trawler Skills has been created to offer insights and recommendations for current and future trawler owners. This section is trawler-centric, but much of what is covered should be relevant to most power and sail cruisers. Proper preparation should include a basic understanding of many topics such as; safety, first aid, navigation, weather, underway performance, anchoring, […]

Reference Cell Testing; Know Thy Corrosion Protection Level – Editorial: Old vs. New

Text and photos © 2021 Steve D’Antonio Marine Consulting, Inc. From the Masthead I recently made a flight aboard a de Havilland DHC-2 Beaver, a seaplane manufactured in 1959. It’s in commercial service and flies almost every day. The art deco-inspired cockpit is a study in simplicity; gauges and controls are well-refined, accessible and easy […]

Cruising Conversations – Episode 6 – Wilson Lin – POCTA

The DeFever line of trawlers has enjoyed an incredible acceptance by the boating market since first being introduced in the 1970s and is still going strong. Arthur DeFever is responsible for the designs and his name is on the brand, but the history of how these trawlers were actually built is one that can’t be […]

July 2021 Newsletter “Vented Loop Remote Drains”

Text and photos © 2021 Steve D’Antonio Marine Consulting, Inc. Photo Essay: Vented Loop Remote Drains Vented loops, sometimes called anti-siphon valves or siphon breaks, are very simple components that play an extremely important part in your vessel’s raw water systems, from bilge pumps to engines and gensets. The mission of a vented loop is […]

Engine Room Inspection – Editorial: Cruising the Columbia River

Text and photos © 2021 Steve D’Antonio Marine Consulting, Inc. From the Masthead I’m writing this column, while lying alongside a dock in Portland, Oregon, having just completed an eight-day passage from Kennewick, Washington, via the Columbia River. The trek took us through a range of topography and climate, from brown, arid desert hills, where […]

June 2021 Newsletter “AC Ground Wire Sizing”

From the Masthead Let me begin by apologizing to Marine Systems Excellence readers for our hiatus. As most boat owners, and virtually anyone who is buying, selling, building or repairing vessels knows, the industry has been super-charged during COVID. As a result, I’ve been traveling extensively for the past 12 months, and even more so […]

Trawler Skills – RTFM

The notices to “read the factory manual” are ubiquitous.  Actually, they are so common that we often look right past them and attempt to resolve a problem without addressing the all-knowing manual first. These manuals are included with your equipment to guide you, and they are meant to be referred to regularly. When you need […]

January 2021 Newsletter “Fixed Fire Extinguisher Detail”

Text and photos © 2021 Steve D’Antonio Marine Consulting, Inc. Photo Essay: Fixed Fire Extinguisher Detail Fixed fire extinguishers perform, or are ready to perform, an invaluable service to every vessel in which they are installed. In the event of an engine room fire, these units will discharge automatically, most at 175° Fahrenheit, as well […]

“Fiberglass Repair and Secondary Repairs” & “Steering You Straight”

Text and photos © 2021 Steve D’Antonio Marine Consulting, Inc. The feature post follows this note from author Steve D’Antonio From the Masthead Steering You Straight Recently, while carrying out a pre-purchase inspection, I came across a checklist that the vessel owner had prepared.  It was one of several, including those for pre-getting underway, anchoring, […]