Trawler Skills – Trawler Tips

We know that most people like to learn by watching. There are so many things going on with the proper “care and feeding” of a trawler that we decided to shoot some videos sharing some of the many tips we have learned from our clients. Experience is the best teacher. We learn from our mistakes. […]

Inspect Your Boat’s Navigation Lights

Navigation light inspections are a critical part of boat ownership. Don’t take your red and green safety gear for granted. I’ve never understood why so many vessels I inspect as a marine surveyor fail in their ability to comply with mandated navigational lighting requirements. I’d estimate the percentage is as high as 30% (or worse), […]

Give Your Boat A Lift

Lifts are a convenient way to store your boat when not in use. But poor maintenance and misuse can lead to damage. Boat lifts deliver multiple benefits. They keep the boat out of the water when not in use, so antifouling paint may not be required as the bottom is unlikely to get very heavily […]

Upgrade Your Boat Trailer Winch

This simple, one-hour project will make it easier to load your boat onto its trailer. Replacing your boat trailer’s winch is a straightforward project that can be tackled in less than an hour, providing there are no rusted bolts that must be cut away. Our project boat’s trailer had a few seasons of saltwater use […]

The Future Of Boats & Boating

BoatUS Magazine editors predict what recreational vessels — and boating in general — will look like in the year 2044. Mark Corke, Associate Editor: I think that what we will see in the future is more and more integration. The world of boat electronics is changing at a head-spinning pace, and I see the boat of the […]

Amp Up Your Boat’s Performance

Everyone wants to get more out of their boats. Here’s a look at 4 common ways you can improve your boat control and efficiency. Everyone likes to be in control, and operating a boat is no exception. Satisfy your inner cruiser and turn your sled into a glide-ride by adding a GPS-regulated cruise control, such […]