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Boat Renovation: Weenies on the Water


The before-and-after photos of Jeff Dood’s fleet of remodeled food service boats.

Terra Marina Houseboat

I own Weenies On The Water, a floating food cart in Portland, Oregon, and the Terra Marina houseboat was my first food cart, so the Sea Camper (see below) was going to be the second boat to add to the mix.

Sea Camp

As usual, I kind of overdid it with the design and remodel. It turned out so nice after I was done that I just couldn’t bring myself to use it as a food cart and watch it get beaten up, so I’ve mainly been using it as a cool camping boat since then. I renovated everything, as you can see, although the exterior is still a work in progress — for now it’s just got a lowly stripe.

Weenies On The Water

Although the challenge of converting a rare ’70s houseboat to a food boat is fun, it’s not really practical or easy to make more of them if need be.

Jetsons Boat Renovation

So I’ve got a new design I’m working on.

Jeff Dood

Contributor, BoatUS Magazine