VesselVanguard And Grand Banks Yachts Partner for New Owner Program

June 11, 2012

Annapolis, MD – VesselVanguard, a web-based subscription service that organizes manuals, maintenance schedules and warranties for all on-board equipment systems to create a digital Boat Profile, and Grand Banks Yachts, the renowned manufacturer of high-quality motoryachts, announced today a new program designed to simplify boat ownership for Grand Banks Yachts customers. Effective immediately, with each new yacht it delivers, Grand Banks will provide the owner a free subscription to the VesselVanguard service pre-configured with the equipment profile of their specific boat and set to their personal user preferences.  Grand Banks and VesselVanguard have created an online Customer Care Portal on the Grand Banks Yachts website where each owner will access their vessel’s file, library of manuals for all its equipment and timely systems upkeep requirements. VesselVanguard will “push” Task Alerts to the owner, dealer and service department, in advance, based on elapsed days or hours between required service intervals.

“We strongly believe our owners will enjoy and appreciate the convenience and peace of mind that VesselVanguard provides,” said David Hensel, director of brand & marketing, Grand Banks Yachts. “This is a very powerful and sophisticated system, and at the same time simple and straightforward to use — which is why we are so happy to offer this resource to our owners. VesselVanguard represents a significant leap forward for boatbuilders and boat buyers alike.”

Enhancing the boat owner experience and ensuring long-term customer satisfaction, the VesselVanguard personal boat asset lifecycle management system’s easy-to-use, at-a-glance application, is available 24/7 online via computers, smart phones or Apple iPads. Replacing cumbersome boat manuals, the application will provide all new Grand Banks yacht owners a forum to review important information about their boats, receive emails or text alerts on immediate maintenance needs and important updates from manufactures about their equipment as well as maintenance histories and reports. The VesselVanguard service gives owners a clear and comprehensive service record — a powerful resource that can help preserve value and simplify the resale process for their yacht.

“We already provide a superior on-board experience for GB owners,” continued Hensel. “VesselVanguard is another way Grand Banks also provides a superior overall ownership experience as well. The added certainty and predictability helps ensure that boat management never gets in the way of the fun in owning a Grand Banks boat. We are confident VesselVanguard will elevate our customers’ satisfaction and reduce their after-sale service costs.”

“We are very proud of our collaboration with Grand Banks,” said Don Hyde, CEO, VesselVanguard. “With a loyal and informed customer base, they understand that boaters want ownership to be simple and that the boating lifestyle should offer respite from work and stress. It is unrealistic to expect boaters to read thirty pounds of manuals and organize the maintenance requirements of, on average, over 25 onboard systems. Consistent with the high-quality care and craftsmanship that goes into each of their vessels, Grand Banks decision to provide a Customer Care Portal clearly demonstrates its commitment to their customers long-term satisfaction and is a huge endorsement of the VesselVanguard service.”

VesselVanguard’s password protected boat profiles contain all of the information necessary to keep vessels at peak performance. The cloud-based personalized portal includes a digital boat profile that leverages a dynamic scheduling algorithm based on a customized Master Equipment List. Setup is performed by VesselVanguard and gives boaters at-a-glance views of all required upkeep tasks, manuals and maintenance calendars effectively eliminating the uncertainty involved with maintaining today’s complex vessels. VesselVanguard analyzes and interprets all of the data specific to each piece of on-board equipment using manufacturers’ schedules. Task Alerts are pushed via email or text to owners and service collaborators once a month, 30 to 60 days in advance of need. When the work has been completed, the owner or contractor mark the date of completion, upload the work notes and invoice, and the VesselVanguard algorithm automatically recalibrates the Boat Profile to the next maintenance interval whether based on hours of use, calendar days, or both. The digital ships log records all actions and updates the Maintenance History. A virtual filing system, VesselVanguard organizes registrations, insurance, slip rental, expiration dates and other valuable information that owners want to schedule or track, and keeps digital service history logs, ensuring higher resale value. The site also features additional useful tools including customer pertinent links and social media connections.


Cloud-Based Boat Management Application To Simplify Owner Experience for Grand Banks Customers

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